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KISS is a legendary rock-band from the USA which was created in 1973 in New York. The band popular all over the globe for its music and live performances, featuring fire and pyrotechnics effects.Kiss Logo

Meaning and history

Kiss Logo

There were many rumors of how the name got its name. One of the version said that it was an abbreviation for Knights In Satan’s Service. But the reality was much simpler. One of the musicians mentioned that there was a group called Lips, and the other offered to call the band Kiss.

The iconic band’s logo was designed in the same year when the group was formed. Ace Frehley, the Kiss guitarist and vocalist, was the one who created the famous Kiss wordmark.

KISS logo

The wordmark in all-caps features bold thick lettering with letters “S” made up of two backwards “Z”. This style resembles of the Nazi SS symbol, and is very controversial in Germany. However the sharp lines of the “S” is a band’s signature, and the elements, that make the Kiss logo instantly recognizable.

Kiss emblem

One more remarkable detail of the Kiss logo is its color palette. The gradient color features yellow coming up in red, with a black outline. It is a powerful and energetic color combination, which makes the logo look strong and evokes a sense of passion.


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