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Kingdom Hearts is the name of a popular video-game created in Japan in 2002 specifically for the PlayStation 2.  Over the whole time of its existence, more than 10 games of the series have been released. Many of them were released on completely different platforms, among which there are also mobile and browser projects

Meaning and history

Kingdom Hearts is a mix of Disney and Square Enix worlds, with the latter acting as the lead developers. In the game, you will meet characters from all kinds of super-popular cartoons. But all the characters of children’s cartoons are not in the first place, because the series has its own central plot, and it is quite complicated and confusing.

All of the Kingdom Hearts works contain the parts of the story necessary for a coherent and comprehensive understanding of it. There are three games in the series in total, but it’s easy to fall out of the overall narrative when going through them in number order. You can understand a similar thing in the case of Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts III, because there was a huge gap of 14 years between the games. However, if you immediately decide to play the sequel after passing the original, you’re still in for a lot of confusing moments that only Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, released in 2004 on Game Boy Advance, can shed light on.

Kingdom Hearts Logo

The only constant and stable thing about the franchise is its visual identity, which was created in 2002 and has never been changed since then. Something that is not confusing or complicating things. A classic for video-gaming design, which can change the palette according to the cover of the game, the needs, and the backgrounds.

The Kingdom Hearts logo is composed of a fancy gothic-style logotype in three-dimensional gradient gray and black letters, placed over a plain white background with a sharp and elegant light gray emblem, depicting a heart with a voluminous crown above it. The names of the game developers, Disney and Square Enix, are written above the composition, in black, using their corporate recognizable typefaces. The two wordmarks are separated with a bold black vertically oriented key, a symbol of mystery and creativity.

Font and color

Kingdom Hearts Font

The Kingdom Hearts logotype uses a custom handwritten typeface for its uppercase letters. The letters feature gothic-style lines with elongated sharpened tails, which look sophisticated yet powerful due to the distinct black outline. The softness here is perfectly balanced with the pointed elements, which makes the logo look very harmonized and professional.

As for the color palette, the official version is based on a classic gray, black and white tricolor, which on its own is timeless and simple, suitable for all the possible needs. But the logo can change its colors depending on the placement and the volume of the game.

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