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Diablo 3 is the third part of a famous Diablo video-game franchise, which was pub-lished in 2012 by Blizzard. The game allows you to choose one of 7 character groups with the only aim — defeating Diablo, the Lord of Terror.

Meaning and history

Diablo 3 logo

The Diablo 3 visual identity is an elegant and frightening reflection of the game’s essence. Everything here has a Satan spirit, starting with the shapes and finishing with the color palette of the logo.

The Diablo 3 logo is composed of a wordmark placed over an ornate rhombus me-dallion. The three vertical lines go through the inscription, symbolizing the Roman number III.

The Diablo wordmark in all capitals has its letters “A” and “O” enlarged and the tail of the letter “A” elongated. The inscription is executed in a custom gothic typeface, which is close to the Blade 2 font with arched bars and pointed serifs.

The light gold color of the letters looks elegant on a dark background with the “III” sign drawn in red and yellow, resembling a flame.

The Diablo 3 logo is a perfect graphical interpretation of the evil nature of the game. It shows the purpose — fights with the demon, fights for light and for the win.

The gold, black and red color palette of the Diablo 3 logo is a reflection of strength, passion, and hell, which Gates are open and can let you in and show you the Evil.


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