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Wolfenstein is a video game, developed by Muse and released in 1981. The games bring a player into the World War II times and tell a story about the fight between American captain and Nazis. The game is available for all the operating systems, consoles and mobile devices.

Meaning and history

Wolfenstein Logo history

The contemporary and sharp Wolfenstein logo is instantly recognizable among gamers all over the globe. It looks young, strong and stylish.

The Wolfenstein logo is composed of a wordmark and an emblem, which is usually used on its own, as an icon.

The Wolfenstein nameplate is written in a custom sans-serif typeface with sharp-pointed angles and elongated tails of the letters. “W”, “L”, “F” and “T” have their long tails cut diagonally, which adds dynamics and energy to the logo.

The wordmark is executed in the lowercase letters, with only “W” capitalized, but it doesn’t look much bigger than other letters of the nameplate. The Wolfenstein logo-type looks balanced and harmonized, with its thick lines and narrowed letterforms.

The Wolfenstein emblem depicts the first letter “W” with additional graphics. The letter has a kind of flashlight crown above it, which looks like a continuation of the vertical bars.
The modern Wolfenstein logo is a perfect representation of the game’s spirit and nature. It is sharp, strong and fresh, evoking a sense of courage and a fighting mood.


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