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While the logo of the Killester College (Dublin, Ireland) is basically a combination of two letters, it has something unique and recognizable to it.

Meaning and history

Killester Logo

The history of the Killester College of Further Education dates back to over fifty years ago, according to the school’s official website. The college belongs to the City of Dublin Education Training Board. It provides a variety of courses including the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth FETAC levels. The education programs are approved by Quality and Qualifications Ireland. In addition to being qualifications in themselves, they can also be used to progress onto the Third Level.

The school is open for students of any age, from early school leavers to mature ones. It welcomes those who want to go on to the Third level.


Killester College symbol

As we have mentioned earlier, the Killester College logo is based on the combination of two letters, the initials of the name of the college. They have been drawn in a creative and artistic way so chances are you even won’t figure out the letters at first glance. From the one hand, the glyphs are generally legible. From the other, the proportions and shape are slightly distorted, which helps to make the emblem unique.

There’s a distinctive feel of artistic freedom and youthful optimism to the logo. The upper end of the “C” is positioned behind the “K,” while its lower end is positioned at the forefront. As a result, the emblem gets some depth in spite of the fact it does not use the gradient effect.

The ends of the “C” and the upper end of the “K” are facing up and right, symbolizing the idea that the school is embracing the future.


Killester College emblem

On the official website of the college, the logo is given next to the wordmark. It consists of the words “Killester College” in two lines. The lettering is in white over the sky blue background.


Killester College Logo

The typeface seen on the Killester College logo is a simple geometric sans serif font. It’s generally pretty legible, but we can say there’s too little breathing space between some of the letters, which causes them to stick to each other.


Killester College

The choice of color – sky blue in combination with white – has a deep symbolic meaning. To begin with, blue has been often called the color of mental processes, consciousness, and intellect. In this respect, it’s opposed to emotionally warm colors like red, orange, and yellow. When white is added to the light blue, the similarity with the colors of the sky grows even closer.