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Kenya Airways is the name of one of the most popular air carriers in Kenya, which was established in 1977. Today Kenya Airways, a member of SkyTeam Alliance, has its flights to more than fifty destinations all over the world and is based in the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

Meaning and history

Kenya Airways Logo history

The visual identity of Kenya Airways differs from the logo designs of all the other air carriers across the globe, as has no graphical affiliation to sky and flights — no plane, wings, or birds on the logo is a very rare thing for the airline, and this is what makes the emblem of Kenya Airways memorable and outstanding.

1977 – 2007

Kenya Airways Logo 1977

The very first badge for Kenya Airways was designed in 1977 and featured a very modest yet bright red and black color palette of the circular emblem, which was placed on a white background. The emblem had a double black outline and the black and red lettering were placed between the two circle contours. The upper part of the badge featured an arched “Kenya Airways” in a bold and slightly extended sans-serif typeface, while the bottom line was executed in black, with the title case inscription “The International airline of Kenya” in a lightweight and traditional font.

In the middle of the circular badge, there was a bold and smooth stylized “KA” abbreviation, drawn in red. The “K” was set in the lowercase, and the “A” was drawn line a curved line, placed on the right from the “K” bar and “covering” it, stretching to the left.

2007 – Today

Kenya Airways logo

The redesign of 2007 kept the color palette of the Kenya Airways logo, though black color now can be seen only on the additional tagline, “The Pride of Africa”, which is sometimes placed under the official badge and executed in a smooth cursive typeface, looking elegant and confident.

The new badge is composed of a sleek stylized letter “K” drawn in red and enclosed into a thin red circular outline, having its elongated lines crossing the frame and curving. As for the lettering, it is now set whether under the emblem or on its right, being executed in a slightly italicized bold sans-serif typeface with the lines a bit flared to their ends.