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Surf Air is a renowned airline that provides convenient and hassle-free air travel experiences. The company offers a unique membership-based model, allowing frequent travelers to enjoy unlimited flights within their service areas. It was founded in 2011 and is currently owned by Encompass Aviation LLC. Surf Air operates in various locations, including California, Texas, and Europe, offering scheduled flights to major cities and regional airports. With their focus on efficiency and personalized service, Surf Air continues to redefine the way people fly.

Meaning and history

Surf Air Logo

Surf Air is an American airline founded in 2013 by Wade Eyerly and Dave Eyerly. It operates as a membership-based airline providing unlimited flights for a monthly fee. Surf Air initially launched its services in California, offering all-you-can-fly flights on executive aircraft.

Over the years, Surf Air has achieved several significant milestones. It expanded its operations to include destinations such as Texas, Nevada, and Europe. The airline also introduced a mobile app for seamless booking and managing flights, enhancing the convenience for its members. Furthermore, Surf Air implemented a dynamic pricing model, allowing members to access competitive rates.

Currently, Surf Air continues to grow its membership base and extend its flight network. It remains committed to providing a premium and hassle-free travel experience to its customers. By offering frequent flights, streamlined booking processes, and exclusive benefits, Surf Air aims to cater to the needs of frequent business travelers and individuals seeking convenience and flexibility in air travel.

What is Surf Air?
Surf Air is a private air travel membership-based company that offers unlimited flights for a fixed monthly fee. It operates as a subscription service, providing its members with access to a network of private flights to various destinations. With its focus on convenience and flexibility, Surf Air aims to provide a seamless and hassle-free travel experience for its members.

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