Kelloggs Logo

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Kelloggs Logo
The Kelloggs logo has gone through occasional minor changes, yet it has stayed mostly consistent in terms of color and the overall design.

Meaning and history

Kelloggs logo history

Originally, William Keith Kellogg signed each package personally. In the course of time, the company developed a logo resembling his signature. It was first used in 1907 and featured a red script against the white background. It was standardized in the late 1910s. The insignia was slightly modified in the 1970s.

Authors of the symbol

symbol KelloggsThe person who developed the current logotype was Ferris Crane, while his art director was a well-known typeface creator Andrew Y. Ames.


Emblem Kelloggs
The current emblem, which was developed by Interbrand in 2014, may seem almost identical to the previous one, except for the shade of red. However, there has been more than just a shift in the color palette. If you overlay the two versions, you will notice that the shape of the letters is different. The only character that has stayed almost the same is “K”, while all the other letters have grown a bit smaller.


Font Kelloggs Logo
The typeface featured in the Kelloggs logo is close, but not identical to the Lavanderia font. Also, the company uses a custom font called Kellogg’s Sans.


Color Kelloggs Logo
The logo has been built around the red-and-white color scheme since 1907, but it has not always been the same shade of red.