Keller Williams Logo

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Keller Williams Logo
The history of Keller Williams, one of the most known US real estate franchises, started in 1983. Today it is an Inc. 5000 company with over 700 offices.

Meaning and History logo

Keller Williams Logo history

The names of the company’s founders were Gary Keller and Joe Williams, the first office was based in Austin, Texas. Only two years after Keller Williams was launched, it was the city’s largest single office residential real estate firm. Its expansion outside Texas started at the beginning of the 1990s.


Keller Williams symbol
The tried-and-true old logotype was built around the name of the company given in red caps. The bolded serif typeface had a traditional feel. Above the wordmark, the intricate “KW” monogram could be seen.


Keller Williams emblem
In late 2013, the franchise launched a rebranding campaign. According to the company’s director of marketing and communications, Ellen Curtis, the updated logotype was supposed to emphasize that Keller Williams “stands behind its agents, not in front of them.”


font Keller Williams Logo
The typeface that could be seen on the Keller Williams logo is called Chantilly Serial. The letters have been stripped of any fancy serif.


Color Keller Williams Logo
The combination of colors the real estate franchise uses creates an impression of understated chic without sacrificing visibility. The “KW” monogram is given in a noble shade of red, while the words “Keller Williams” are grey.
keller williams realty logo