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Kalki Fashion is an Indian fashion retailer, which offers a wide range of national costumes and dresses available with a worldwide delivery service, which covers more than 200 countries across the globe. The e-store offers amazing clothing and accessories for women along with kidswear and men apparel.

Brand Overview

One of the most beautiful selections of ethnic Indian fashion can be found on the Kali website. Hundreds of colorful and elegant sarees, kurtas and gowns, exclusively designed by the brand are available here with international delivery.
The online retailer also offers a section of apparel for men and kids, but women’s clothing is the main specialization of the label. You can also find various accessories, such as bags and jewelry, to complement any outfit.
The e-commerce platform also features such sections as bestsellers and sale, where you can look through hundreds of beautifully tailored dresses with up to 60% reduction in price.
The company offers international delivery and has a secure on-site payment system, which accepts both credit card and PayPal transactions.
For small and medium-sized businesses there is a special wholesale offer, available after a simple registration. If you still have any questions left after browsing the beautifully designed website, you can always address them to a professional team of a customer support service, which is available online and by phone.

Meaning and history

The visual identity of the luxury Indian brand is elegant and sleek. Its minimalist text-based logo looks timeless and sophisticated due to the use of the right typeface and color palette.

There are two main colors in the Kalki color scheme — gray for the tagline and medium-gold for the wordmark, which is usually placed on a light peach background, the color of the website’s frame. This combination looks tender and soft, representing femininity and elegance.

The straight classic lines of the inscription add a sense of expertise in fashion and design, reflecting the professionalism and reliability of the brand and its values of quality and attention to detail.

The logo of the Indian fashion house is sophisticated and timeless. Its simplicity elevates the whole image, and the spacing makes it look strong and contemporary. All the letters of the main wordmark are placed far from each other, making the logotype light and crispy.


The main part of the Kalki nameplate is written in all capitals and executed in a solid and bold serif typeface, which is very similar to Arsis Std Regular with its elongated and sharp serifs and fine distinct lines.

“fashion. com” tagline is gray is also set in all-caps and uses another type of a serif font, the one that is close to Corporate A Sc Bold, it has more traditional and thicker lines in order to balance the logotype and make it more confident. The dot of the tagline is executed in the same color and style as the main inscription.

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