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Oshkosh is a kids’ clothing manufacturer from the United States, which was established in 1895. Today the company mainly operates through its website, offering a whole selection of clothing and footwear for boys and girls from 0 to 14. The e-store has a delivery service available nationwide.

Meaning and history

Oshkosh Logo history

The visual identity of the famous kidswear brand is simple yet instantly recognizable due to the right choice of the typeface for the company’s logotype.

The dark blue and white color palette of the clothing retailer represents the professional and trustworthy company, evoking a sense of security and reliability, and making parents trust the manufacturer.

The logo is composed of a bold custom inscription with the letter “K” enlarged and going out from the thin blue underline, adding playfulness and fun to the nameplate.

The visual identity of the brand is serious and strong yet it has something that every kid will like — letters of different sizes, which look like they are moving and add dynamics and freedom to the overall picture.

1895 – 1949

Oshkosh Logo 1895
The initial Oshkosh logo was introduced in 1895 and stayed untouched for more than half of a century. It was a black logotype in a classy serif typeface, executed in the uppercase, with the first “O” and “K” enlarged, and the whole wordmark underlined. The logo was complemented by the “Est 1895” datemark as a tagline.

1949 – 1965

Oshkosh Logo 1949
The redesign of 1949 introduced a redesigned logo with the “B’Gosh” inscription under the main one. The lettering in the new emblem was executed in the slanted uppercase of a sharp and bold serif font, in dark green color. The whole logo was placed on a light yellow, with some cream accents, background, which was giving a retro feel to the whole concept.

1965 – 1986

Oshkosh Logo 1965
The color palette of the logo was changed to blue and yellow in 1965. The “Oshkosh” part remained untouched, only the underline got “broken” under the enlarged “K”. As for the “B’Gosh” inscription, its font was switched to a playful handwritten one, and the wordmark was now placed diagonally going upright to the “S” in “Oshkosh”.

1986 – 2003

Oshkosh Logo 1986
The redesign of 1986 made the logo return to basics, executing it in black and placing it on a plain white background. No framing or additional information, or graphics. The two lines of lettering with a thick black horizontal line separating the levels. The typeface was switched to a very bold sans-serif one. It made the whole logo look powerful, confident, and stable.

2003 – 2011

Oshkosh Logo 2003
The calm blue color came back to the Oshkosh logo in 2003. But this time it was used for the lettering, not the background of the emblem. The company used the logo concept from the 1960s but refined and modernized both typefaces. Also, the background was plain white, and no framing was added to the logo. The bottom part got smoother and more rounded, while the top line was executed in an extended sans-serif with the letters written in thick blue lines with distinct cuts.

2011 – Today

Oshkosh logo
The lettering was cleaned and refined in 2011. The composition and color palette remained untouched, though all elements of the logo became more elegant and sophisticated. The lines became thinner and taller, which made the whole badge look different — more luxurious and professional. The diagonal “B’Gosh” in a handwritten font added playfulness and friendliness.


The wordmark in all capitals is executed in a bold rounded sans-serif typeface, which is similar to such fonts as Submariner R24. The smooth rounded lines of the letters make the inscription kind and friendly and evoke a welcoming and caring feeling, representing the company, which has its customer’s happiness above all the other values.


The famous kidswear brand from the United States offers a full range of clothing for boys and girls from 0 to 14 years old. In the huge website’s catalog, you can find everything from pajamas to shoes of the highest quality.

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The company is very well known across North America as it has been providing millions of families nationwide with kids apparel for more than 100 years.

Today the brand operates mainly through its e-commerce platform, selling the products online with the delivery across the USA. The retailer accepts all kinds of credit cards and has a 24/7 stoker support service available via email or telephone number, where a professional team will answer any questions in order to make the shopping experience more comfortable and safe.

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