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Jumia is the name of an African marketplace, which was established in 2012 and today is headquartered in Berlin. In other words, it is an online e-commerce platform that sells clothing, shoes, and other products from various categories. The company also provides logistics services, i.e. it ships and delivers parcels from sellers to consumers. Jumia also offers its customers a payment system as well.

Meaning and history

Jumia Logo history

Jumia is a leading African e-commerce platform. In addition to the marketplace itself, where sellers offer customers their products in a variety of categories, from clothing and footwear to electronics, Jumia has a logistics service that maintains several warehouses and related services for consumers. The firm also has its payment service, JumiaPay, in markets including Nigeria and Egypt. Jumia operates in six regions of Africa, which consist of 14 countries.

The company’s initial focus was on the Nigerian market, but success was so great that after expanding to 14 countries, Jumia’s audience grew to more than 600 million users. In addition to the company’s core specialization, the marketplace, Jumia provides Jumia Deals, Jumia Food delivery, and Jumia Flights airfare and hotel booking services.

What Is Jumia?

Jumia is the leading African marketplace platform, where the buyer can find all types of goods — from clothing and accessories to electronic devices. The platform works in 14 African countries and supports its customers with secure payment and delivery services.

In terms of visual identity, the African marketplace has been very consistent throughout the years. Although it can not be called a young company (established in 2012), it still sticks to the logo, created on the day of its foundation, with just minor improvements.

2012 – 2020

Jumia Logo 2012

The original Jumia logo, designed for the marketplace in 2012, stayed with the company for almost eight years, which is a lot, considering its age. It was composed of an uppercase logotype in a custom sans-serif typeface with smoothened angles and bold bars of the letters, followed by a simple yet cool emblem, with the gradient gray-to-black shopping cart image, overlapped by a solid orange circle with a white five-pointed star on it.

2020 – Today

Jumia Logo

The redesign of 2020 strengthened and simplified the composition of the Jumia logo, keeping the original style and mood. The lettering was slightly modified and emboldened, with the typeface kept original, but all the bars thickened. As for the graphical part of the badge, the shopping cart was removed, and the orange roundel with the white star was enlarged. All the gradients were gone, giving a clean and distinct look to the whole logo now.