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Joy Division is a British rock band, which was created in 1976 and regrouped in 1980 after its vocalists, Ian Curtis, suicide. The group was triumphant in performing post-punk music, and made a significant contribution into the history of music, despite its short existence.

Meaning and history

Joy Division Logo

The band was created under the name “Warsaw” and switched it to “Joy Division” in 1978, not to be confused with Warsaw Pakt, another British music-band of its time.

Joy Division is a jargon term for a Nazi concentration camp for women, and a synonym to sexual exploitation.

The Joy Division logo is a simple and elegant wordmark, that features a Saville typeface with distinct fine lines.

The nameplate looks sophisticated and modest in black and is a great addition to any album cover or poster. The Joy Division logo looks good on any background, due to its classic color and timeless font.

Joy Division emblem

The band regrouped into New Order in 1980 and started performing electronic music style. However, the Joy Division era was very remarkable and it still remains one of the legendary names.