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Joox is the name of the lost famous Asian music stream portal, which was established in 2015. Headquartered in Hong Kong, the service keeps gaining international popularity and has an audience of almost 90 million people, most of which still comes from Asia.

Meaning and history

Joox logo

As the young brand, created only in 2015, Joox doesn’t have a rich visual identity history, as it is still using the logo, designed for the service in the year of its establishment. And the original design worked just fine, and the Joox emblem is instantly recognizable not only in Asian countries but all over the globe.

The Joox visual identity boasts a bold stylized logotype with one graphical element in it. Executed in black and usually placed on a white background, the logo looks solid and confident, and has a fun and cool young mood, reflecting the spirit and essence of the service.

The logotype is set in the uppercase and uses a bold modern sans-serif typeface for its letters. Black on white, everything is pretty simple, but two letters “O” in the middle of the word are overlapping each other and the one on the left is stylized as a vinyl disk with a large white circle in the middle and a solid black dot on it. There is also a small black arrow coming out of the vinyl and pointing bottom right.

The vinyl “O” has just three white touches on the upper right side and three mirrored ones on the bottom left one, and this is more than enough to represent the texture of the music disk and to reflect the purpose of the online service — music streaming.

As for the color palette, black and white is a timeless combination, which stands for elegance, actuality, and strength of the brand, which is constantly expanding its audience and music library.