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Jergens is an American cosmetics brand, which was established in 1901 and became popular for its moisturizers. Today the brand has different skincare lines and is distributed its products through the website and the retail stores across the globe.

Meaning and history

Jergens Logo history

Jergens’s visual identity changed several times during the brand’s long history. It was always text-based, but the style and color palette were getting more and more elegant throughout the time.

The older versions of the Jergens logo featured different shades of blue in its palettes, some had italicized typeface, some had geometrical shapes as a background, but the current logo is one of the minimalist brand’s designs yet the most elegant and sophisticated.

The Jergens wordmark is all the capital letters is executed in a classic and fine serif typeface, which looks sleek and luxurious in black color. The first “J” of the brand’s name is elongated and adds beauty and femininity to the logo.

Another element of the Jergens visual identity is a circular emblem, placed above the nameplate. The rounded frame has a monogram enclosed. The thin smooth lines of the cursive “J” adds glamour and represent the brand as a high-end and professional one.

2003 – 2006

Jergens Logog 2003

2006 – 2013

Jergens Logog 2006


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