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IRS is an abbreviation standing for the American Internal Revenue Service, a governmental agency, which is responsible for tax matters (including collecting and administrating). The organization was established in 1862 as the Commissioner of Internal Revenue, changing its name to the current one in 1918.

Meaning and history

IRS Logo history

IRS is the tax-collection agency, which is controlled by the Federal Government of the United States. The governmental organization works with all tax matters, but its main purpose is to collect taxes. After the taxes are collected, they get under the Internal Revenue Code, a statutory tax law, which is being administrated by the IRS.

What is IRS?

IRS, or the Internal Revenue Service, is the governmental organization in the United States of America, which is responsible for collecting taxes, and also controls some administrative actions. The agency was founded in the middle of the 19th century, getting its current status and name at the beginning of the 20th.

In terms of visual identity, the Internal Revenue Service of the USA uses two emblems, one of which was designed with the foundation of the Commissioner of the Internal Revenue, in the 1860s, and the other — after its rename into IRS in 1918. The initial badge has become truly iconic.

1862 – Today

IRS Logo 1862

The very first emblem, designed for the governmental agency, appeared in 1862 and was executed in bold black lines, with the graphical part placed above the elegant and strict serif lettering. Over the years, the color palette got the second option, and today the iconic badge can be seen both in black-and-white and in white-on-blue palettes.

The IRS badge depicts a stylized eagle, which holds the scales in its beak, and is accompanied by a vertically placed spike on the left. The badge is internationally known as “The IRS Eagle”.

1918 – Today

IRS Logo

With the rebranding of the service in 1918, the new logo was introduced to the public. It is a blue, yellow, and white circular medallion, with the solid yellow shield in the center, and uppercase white lettering around the perimeter of the badge. The shield is divided into two parts by a blue chevron, pointing up. Above the chevron, there is an image of the scales, while under it — the horizontally placed key. All thin details on the images are drawn in white, as well as solid five-pointed stars, drawn on the chevron.

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