Indiana Pacers Logo

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Indiana Pacers Logo
The logo of the basketball team Indiana Pacers has been fairly consistent for the first fifty years of its history. Even the new logo adopted in 2017 builds upon the team’s heritage.

Meaning and history

Indiana Pacers Logo history

The club was founded in 1967 by six investors. The original Indiana Pacers logo featured a white hand catching a gold basketball. The picture was placed inside a blue capital letter “P,” which was used as the initial of the word “Pacers.”
In 1977, the name of the team in blue was placed under the ball. There was also a subtle shift in the color scheme.

Old logo

Indiana Pacers Logo old
The logo was used for about 15 years until the team decided to modify it slightly in 1991. The white hand disappeared leaving the basketball over the capital “P.” The illusion of motion was created with the help of three horizontal streaks to the left of the basketball.

The 2006 symbol

Indiana Pacers symbol
To notice the following modification, you will probably have to compare two Indiana Pacers logo pictures side by side. They would look exactly the same, if not for the shades and font.

The 2017 emblem

Indiana Pacers emblem
While, at first glance, the current logo may look different, in fact, it is heavily based on the previous version. The capital “P” and the basketball of its predecessor have been placed inside a dark blue circle frame with the white filling. The icon is encircled by the lettering “Indiana Pacers” in dark blue against the gold background.


The type featured on the primary Indiana Pacers logo is a highly legible simple sans serif one looking very much like Agency FB Bold Italic. It is a square type designed by David Berlow and Morris Fuller Benton. The wordmark logo sports the same type, while the lettering itself is given in the arch shape.


Indiana Pacers Logo Color
The three colors comprising the official palette are navy blue (Pantone Color Matching System 282), gold (PMS 123), and gray (PMS Cool Gray 5). Blue and gold are used as the colors of the state’s flag. While white can also be seen on the logo, it is not mentioned as part of the official palette in the team’s media guide.