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California Davis Aggies Logo
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California Davis Aggies are the name of an athletic program from the University of California in Davis, established in 1905. The program features both men’s and women’s sports teams, which are all members of the first division of the NCAA, and most of them — of the Big West Conference. The program was founded in 1905.

Meaning and history

California Davis Aggies is a member of the first division of the National Collegiate Athletic Association and have a really long list of sport disciplines in the program. Interestingly, the University has almost twice more women’s clubs as men’s. Apart from the classic sports, the UCD has its women’s teams in such kinds of sports as Water Polo, Equestrian, Beach Volleyball, and Lacrosse.

What is California Davis Aggies?

California Davis Aggies is a collegiate athletic program from one of the public Californian Universities, UCD, or Davis. The program is composed of 25 men’s and women’s teams that compete in Division I of the NCAA in such sports disciplines as Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country, and others.

As for the visual identity, the Athletic program from the University of California in Davis doesn’t really like experimenting with its logo and keeps being loyal to the badge, designed in 2001. It features a modern and powerful depiction of the program’s mascot — the Gunrock Mustang. The club chose a horse as its symbol in the early 1920s and named it after the cavalry horse Rock Rock.

As for the “Aggies” part of the program’s name, it is just a slang word for students, so has nothing to do with the Mustang mascot.

2001 — Today

The California Davis Aggies logo, designed in 2001, is executed in a deep and strong blue and yellow color palette, with small white accents. The composition features a solid yellow banner with the stylized blue “C” and a gray and white image of the Mustang, drawn in profile and facing to the right. The horse is outlined in dark blue, in order to be better inscribed into the negative space of the capital letter “C”.

As for the text part of the logo, it is set under the graphical part in two levels, which are divided from each other by a thin yellow horizontal line. The upper level comprises “UC Davis” in dark blue capitals, with the “UC” in an elegant serif font, and “Davis” in a massive sans-serif. As for the bottom line, it features the wide and stable “Aggies” with the sans-serif letters set on a significant space from each other.