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Since 1974, the San Antonio Spurs logo has been based on one and the same visual metaphor, a cowboy spur. In the course of time, the symbol has been growing less and less realistic.

Meaning and history

San Antonio Spurs Logo history

The team was established as the Dallas Chaparrals and originally belonged to the American Basketball Association. Its earliest logo featured a light blue chaparral bird with an orange basketball.

In 1971, for one season only, the word “Dallas” in the club’s name was replaced by “Texas” in an attempt to achieve the regional status and in this way attract more fans. Simultaneously, the logo was modified. The chaparral bird was given in a more saturated shade of blue, while the basketball grew multicolored. The bird was placed over a black outline of Texas. The word “Chaparrals” in red was placed below.

san antonio spurs logo meaning

In 1973-1976, the team changed its owners, moved to San Antonio, joined NBA, and was renamed. It was then that the iconic “spur” design emphasizing the metaphor behind the name of the team was born. The team’s name derived from the spur cowboys wore on the heels of their boots to help them control a horse.

The 1974 logo was built around the name of the team, with the letter “U” resembling a spur. The spur looked pretty realistic. Due to the 3D effect and the choice of colors, the word “Spurs” looked as though it was made of metal bars, emphasizing the aggressive and free spirit of the logo. The text “San Antonio” in simple black type was given above.

san antonio spurs old logo

The 1990 redesign turned the discreet, in terms of the color palette, emblem into its opposite, which was soon nicknamed the “Fiesta” Spurs logo. The overall shape and colors of the lettering itself remained almost the same, while the background looked as though someone made three broad dabs: light blue, pink, and yellow.

The 2003 variant got back to the original minimalistic color scheme. The arched wordmark was given in the Eurostile font, while the spur resembled a star.

1967 — 1970

San Antonio Spurs Logo 1967

1970 — 1973

San Antonio Spurs Logo 1970

1973 — 1989

San Antonio Spurs Logo 1973

1989 — 2002

San Antonio Spurs Logo 1989

2002 — 2017

San Antonio Spurs Logo 2002

2017 — Today

San Antonio Spurs logo

The 2017 emblem

san antonio spurs emblem

In the 2017 version, the arched effect of the previous emblem, as well as the “spur” on the “U” remained as they were, while the typeface was customized. Today, the team uses the full wordmark as its global logo, while the status of the primary logo inside the country belongs to the stylized “U”.

Alternative symbol

symbol San Antonio Spurs

In addition to the primary emblems, the Spurs also have a secondary logo, which can often be seen on the brand’s merchandise. The secondary logo is based on a stylized basketball with the letters “S” and “A” in its center. Both the letters have distinctive diamond-shaped angles, like some of the glyphs of the regular logotype.


The official Spurs logo guideline sheet cites Helvetica Bold as the team’s official font. However, the club’s wordmark features a different typeface. One of the distinctive features of the custom type is the diamond-shaped angles on the S, O, P, R, while the N, A, and T look very much like the corresponding glyphs from the Helvetica Bold font.


Black (PMS Black) and silver (PMS 877) are the team’s official colors. Both of them are featured on the San Antonio Spurs logo against the white background.