California Riverside Highlanders Logo

California Riverside Highlanders Logo
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California Riverside Highlanders are the name of an athletic program of the University of California, established in Riverside in 1907. The program consists of 15 teams, where male and female student-athletes compete in various sports disciplines, under the NCAA roof.

Meaning and history

California Riverside Highlanders Logo history

California Riverside Highlanders athletic program is a member of the Big sweat conference and has its men’s and women’s teams competing in the first division of the National Collegiate Athletic Association. There are 7 men’s teams, and 8 — women’s, competing under the California Riverside Highlanders name.

What are California Riverside Highlanders?

California Riverside Highlanders are the collegiate tule tic program from the UCR or the University of California in Riverside. The program is composed of 15 men’s and women’s clubs, which compete in various sports disciplines, including Basketball, Cross Country, Track and Field, and others.

In terms of visual identity, the logo of the sports program of the University of California in Riverside has undergone different stages, starting from the traditional roundel in monochrome, and finishing with a quite minimalistic voluminous badge, with a very ornate and heavy emblem in between the versions.

1990 — 2002

California Riverside Highlanders Logo 1990

The California Riverside Highlanders badge, designed in 1990, stayed with the program for a decade and featured a classic composition with the framed circular badge, executed in a monochrome color palette with all the elements drawn in medium-thickness lines. In the center of the logo, there was an image of Scotty Highlander, the mascot of the program, which is the bear in a checkered plaid kilt. The animal was depicted in profile, walking to the right. As for the framing — it comprised the uppercase sans-serif inscription, with its two parts separated from each other by two small solid dots.

2003 — 2011

California Riverside Highlanders Logo 2003

Scotty Highlander grew up significantly, and it could easily be noticed in the badge, introduced by the California Riverside Highlanders in 2003. The huge fierce bear was now drawn in various shades of brown, with dark blue accents, and a blue and white checkered fabric over its shoulder. The animal was placed above the logotype, with its paws spread apart, and the claws depicted as exaggeratedly long. As for the wordmark, it was a massive arched “Riverside”, in white, yellow and blue, underlined by a white ribbon with the blue uppercase “Highlanders” on it, and complemented by the yellow “University of California” placed above it.

2012 — Today

California Riverside Highlanders Logo

The mascot depiction was removed from the primary logo of the California Riverside Highlanders in 2012. The new concept of the badge featured a composition with the “UC” monogram, underlined by an arched “Riverside” inscription. The monogram with two intertwined letters was executed in a sharp and massive typeface, with both letters drawn in a voluminous way, and outlined in white and blue. The “U” boasts a mustard-yellow shade, while the “C” is calm blue. As for the “Riverside” part of the logo, it is set in massive capitals of a bold square sans-serif typeface, with lots of angles in the contours. The wordmark, arched from the center, is set in a mustard-yellow color.

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