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LetyShops is a cashback service, available for online shopping in different e-commerce companies. Established in 2015, this browser extension has become very popular across the globe and started working with all the world’s best-known e-commerce platforms. Today the service has more than 11 million users.

Meaning and history

The visual identity of the online service is modern and sleek. The logotype and its stylish color palette look distinct and confident, reflecting the progressive strong character of the company.

The wordmark is executed in one style but two different colors, yellow and black, placed on a white background. “Lety” is black is followed by “Shops” in yellow. The two-part have no spacing between them.

The service’s icon repeats the color scheme of the main logo and is composed of a black letter “L” placed in a square, which is diagonally divided into two parts — yellow and white.

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The combination of colors represents a strong and dynamic company, which values progress and development. Yellow symbolizes energy and movement, while white shoes the loyal and reliable company, and black reflect its professionalism and authority.


The wordmark in all the lowercase letters is executed in a bold and solid sans-serif typeface, which is very similar to Cera Pro Black Italic, but with the “L” modified. Its tail is elongated and curved, looking elegant and sleek.

The inscription is perfectly balanced in terms of size and space. Its neat contours reflect a sense of confidence and expertise, showing the online service at its best.


LetyShops Logo

The service, that has instantly become popular across the globe, offers people worldwide save money on their online purchases. Being a cashback online tool, LetyShops works closely with hundreds of the world’s biggest e-commerce platforms and serving millions of customers.

The company has partners in almost all the continents, which means it can help clients from all over the globe to get the best deals from online retailers.

There is a complete list of e-commerce platforms the service works with on their website, which you can browse by the country or simply by the e-store name. The site also offers online customer support and has a perfectly composed FAQ section with all the necessary information.