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Banggood is an e-commerce platform, which was launched in 2006 in China. The company is specialized in wholesale of small electronic appliances and hobby goods, which they ship all over the globe. The online store is constantly expanding its market presence and works with huge manufacturers, such as Xiaomi.

Meaning and history

Banggood Logo history

The visual identity of the online retail platform looks simple yet professional and evokes a sense of confidence and reliability.

The logo of the company was redesigned just once but kept the original color palette and style, so it is still instantly recognizable across the globe.

2006 — 2019

Banggood Logo 2006

The version of the 2000s featured a wordmark with a small graphical element under it. It was a curved line, resembling a smile, which was placed under two “G” in the middle of the nameplate.

The letters and the smile were colored orange, while all the other wordmark was black. The bright color combination was a reflection of a powerful and dynamic company, which is confident, serious, yet also has a young and passionate spirit.

The “.com” in red was placed on the right side of the logo, under the main nameplate. It was a bright accent, showing the online development of the company and its essence.

2019 — Today

Banggood logo

After having one and the same logo for almost 13 years, the company decided to change its visual identity in 2019. But not much was changed. The platform’s logo is still composed of a black and orange inscription, but the smile and “.com” were removed.

Banggood Logo1

Now the logo looks more minimalist and professional, evoking a sense of authority and responsibility of the online retailer.

The ok noise retailer also redesigned its mobile app icon, and that is where the smile appears again. The square icon is white and has a wordmark in the official style placed on its top part and a semicircle with its arched side down, featuring a white smile, which resembles a shopping bag’s handle.


The original company’s wordmark was executed in a smooth sans-serif typeface, which is very similar to Priva Four Italic with its sleek and slightly rounded lines and distinct vertical bars.

After the redesign of 2019, the nameplate started using another sans-serif font, which is custom, but close to Campuni Medium typeface, modern font with rounded shapes and thin lines.

The inscription looks friendly and fresh due to the use of the light font and enough space between the letters.


The Chinese e-commerce company was founded as a software development business and changed its profile to e-commerce after a couple of years. And today it is one of the world’s most popular online retailers, which has more than 70 thousand items in its catalog.

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The e-store has everything you may need: men, women and kids’ clothing and footwear, beauty products, toys and stationery, big and small home appliances, electronic devices and smartphones. It also offers lighting solutions and automobile accessories and many other categories of goods at affordable prices.

The main office of the company is based in Guangzhou, but the firm has its warehouses on almost all the continents, which enables them to ship orders to customers fast and safely.

Banggood offers professional customer service, various payment methods, different partnership programs for small and medium businesses. There is also a wholesale subdivision of the company, which provides the best deals directly from the manufacturers.