The IMAX Corporation is a Canadian company, invented the motion picture film format. It was founded in 1967 and is headquartered in Mississauga. The launch of the company was a radical change in the movie industry.

Meaning and history

The IMAX brand made a revolution in the cinema sector. The name IMAX is an abbreviation of Image Maximum, and that is exactly what the brand did – maximized the cinema experience by using giant screens (23 to 36 meters tall), enhanced by a superior sound system. IMAX were also the first to introduce 3D films in the cinema theaters, in 1998.

The IMAX logo is just a wordmark in bold classic typeface, close to the Microgramma Bold Extended serif font. Despite using a simple and common font, the brand’s logo is highly recognizable and significant for the industry.
The color scheme of the logo varies from bright blue to black, but the animated version of the logo is executed in silver gray.