Icade logo

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The iCade logo was developed relatively recently, and was very successful. Internal harmony and openness to innovation are combined in a very complex graphic solution.


Symbol Icade

The iCade symbol, embodied in the logo, can be formulated as “combination”, “harmony”. In a complex design, there are no clear, mirror and symmetrical shapes. And it is this “irregularity” that is the key to understanding the symbolism of the logo.


Emblem Icade

Unlike most modern graphic designs, the iCade logo is a combination of four elements, each of which is a closed curve of an irregular shape.

This solution allows you to create the impression that the logo is a complex virtual world map, existing not in three, but at least in 4-5 dimensions.


Color Icade logo

One of the background elements of the logo – blue, the second – cyan, the third – marsh green, the fourth – translucent, with dots. Against the backdrop of their bizarre combination and even partly mixing – a discreet text element (brand name), made in white. Such a complex color combination, on the one hand, creates a sense of integrity, on the other – incompleteness.

Icade logo