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The history of Fidelity Investments started in 1946. 23 years later the division called Fidelity International Limited was created to serve non-US markets.

Meaning and history

Fidelity Logo

The current Fidelity logo was introduced in 2011. That was an important year in the company’s history, when the name of its international division was changed to Fidelity Worldwide Investment.

Logo Fidelity

Masonic elements in the emblem

Fidelity emblem

One cannot deny the similarity between the Fidelity logotype and two well-known Freemasonic symbols, the Eye of Providence and the pyramid. This can be viewed as an indication of the company’s connection with Freemasons.

Symbol and the Great Seal of the United States

Fidelity symbol

However, we should also mention that almost the same picture is featured on the reverse of the Great Seal of the United States (as well as the dollar bills). So, in this case, the logo can be interpreted as an indication of the company’s devotion to earning money.


fidelity investments logo

The Fidelity logo features a solid, bold typeface. It acquires certain dynamism due to the italicized letters. The most distinctive feature of the wordmark is probably the way the letters “t” and “y” are joined together.


Color Logo Fidelity

On the company website the logo is given as a combination of white with a natural, comforting shade of green. Green seems a justified choice, as it is considered the color of money and is often preferred by the companies that have to do with finance.