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Goldman Sachs is one of the world’s biggest financial groups, which provides a variety of financial services, such as investment management, banking, securities, etc.

Meaning and history

Goldman Sachs Logo history

The group was founded in 1869 in the USA by Marcus Goldman, a prominent banker and financier. Goldman Sachs provides services to corporations, institutions, governmental authorities, and individuals. The Goldman Sachs logo has been around since 1970, and it has changed little since its inception. This stability is a testimony to the logo’s effectiveness.

1869 – 2020

Goldman Sachs 1869

The initial logo for Goldman Sachs stayed with the company for half of a century. It was a light blue solid square with a smooth white serif lettering placed on its upper part, a bit closer to the left border. The inscription looked very sophisticated due to the arched lines and slightly curved tails of some letters, while serifs on others were thin and sharp.

2020 – Present

Goldman Sachs Logo
The redesign of 2020 kept the original concept of the Goldman Sachs logo but slightly refined the typeface and the color palette of the iconic badge. The blue of the square became a bit calmer and deeper, the bright sky-blue was gone so now the whole badge started looking more confident and professional. As for the lettering, still written in white and using a smooth serif font the wordmark got more spaced both between the letters and between the two levels. The badge became more balanced and harmonized.


The Goldman Sachs logo is a light blue square with the company name written in white letters. Simplicity and limited amount of colors have once again made a good recipe for logo design in general.


Colors Goldman Sachs Logo

The logo uses only two colors: light blue and white. Blue portrays the company’s optimistic attitude to life and work and thirst for further evolution and prosperity. White stands for purity, which expresses the company’s striving to use lawful, fair, and honest methods in reaching maximum prosperity.


Font Goldman Sachs Logo

The company’s name is written in a white lowercase serif font.