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Meaning and history

Iberia Logo history

1927 – 1939

Iberia Logo-1927
The original design (1927) was the most minimalist one – nothing but the capitalized word “Iberia” in a legible sans. The x-height was slightly higher than the average.

1939 – 1941

Iberia Logo-1939
The first visual identity redesign was held by Iberia in 1939, and the badge was created in that year and stayed until 1941. It was a fancy rounded with the Spanish flag in the middle, and two extra-long stylized wings spread to the sides. The black uppercase “Iberia” lettering was written in the sans-serif typeface, arching under the flag circle in the center of the logo.

1941 – 1954

Iberia Logo-1941
In 1941 the air carrier started using a smooth script logotype in bright red as its main badge. The inscription was placed slightly diagonally. And the tail of the letter “A”, underlining the whole name, had its end flared. This version of the logo stayed with the company for more than a decade.

1954 – 1963

Iberia Logo-1954
The logo from 1954 was composed of a graphical emblem, depicting a blue and black globe with a yellow winged badge from 1939. The glide was outlined by a red ribbon, which came out of the letter “I”, in the custom bold cursive logotype in red, with a thick black outline. The logo had a tagline “Líneas Aéreas de España” in all capitals of a strict sans-serif typeface, in black.

1963 – 1967

Iberia Logo-1963
The globe was horizontally extended in 1963. This time it was placed over the lettering and had a yellow and red ribbon (the colors of the Spanish flag) around it. As for the inscription, it was all solid red, it the uppercase of an italicized sans-serif typeface. The same tagline was set under the logo, with the letters enlarged and slanted.

1967 – 1977

Iberia Logo 1967

The badge of 1967 was completely different — a bright yellow globe in a thick yellow outline, with two extra-bold red “IB” letters on it and a thin black horizontal line above the letters. The small black plane was coming out of this line, flying to the right, bringing the passengers into the future.

1977 – 1992

Iberia Logo-1977In 1977, the era of the stylized “B” design started. The original version was dominated by the “B,” while in the secondary logo, the letter was smaller.

1992 – 2013

Iberia Logo-1992
The bold stylized “B” in yellow and red was placed on the right from the italicized sans-serif “Iberia” inscription in solid red. It was a stable and confident badge, representing power, passion, and determination. It also evokes a sense of energy and vitality.

2013 – Today

Iberia logo
While the dynamic abstract shape featured in the current logo (introduced in 2013) references the “B,” it has an incredible modern, dynamic, and memorable style.

Font and color

The modern sleek typeface of the uppercase inscription is custom and exclusively designed for the air carrier. The font was probably based on one of the following typefaces: Makro XM Extra Bold, Ansage Semi Bold XP, or Nuber Next Heavy Extended. But with lines modified, arched, and softened.

As for the color palette, the combination of dark shades of red and yellow make the logo eye-catching and instantly recognizable, evoking a sense of power, determination, and progressiveness.