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HyperX was launched in 2002 as a line of high-performance memory modules. Today, it offers a vast variety of products for gamers, from headsets to mice, solid-state drives, keyboards, and eyewear. The brand belongs to Kingston Technology Corporation, a computer technology company based in California, US.

Meaning and history

HyperX Logo history

2002 – 2014

HyperX Logo 2002

The earliest HyperX logo looked almost the same as the following one, with an only exception. There was the name of the parent company, “Kingston,” included in the logo. It wasn’t small and was placed in a rather prominent position, just above the main wordmark.
At the same time, the word “Hyper” looked by far brighter due to its clean red tint, so it was the real visual center of the design. Also, it featured a creative and dynamic typeface.
The “x” glyph, which was placed on the right, had its ends stretched. It added a lot of motion and created a hi-tech style. The glyphs looked like a four-pointed star or, possibly, two falling stars with huge long tails.

2014 – now

HyperX logo

There is scarcely anything different in the way the main logo looks, except for the disappearance of the word “Kingston.” This move was purely logical, as, in 2012, the HyperX brand was already popular enough and didn’t need the parent company’s name to support its status anymore.


The type plays the central role in the design as there are no pictorial elements. It looks modern and innovative due to the lack of serifs and the original gaps in the letters, as well as a couple of unpredictable shapes (for instance, the “Y” and the “E” are far from any popular type). The wordmark, however, remains fairly legible, except maybe for the last “R.”


The combination of a vivid shade of red with gray looks eye-catching without being too obtrusive. Yet, it is quite a generic choice, which doesn’t help the HyperX logo stand out.