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Hitman is a video-game, created by OI interactive company in 2000. The game tells the story of a professional killer, who works around the world. There have been several chapters of Hitman released for consoles, computer operating systems, and mobile devices.

Meaning and history


Hitman emblem

The Hitman visual identity is composed of a logotype, which replaces the iconic game’s emblem, which was used since the release of the Hitman game.

The previous logo was instantly recognizable all over the globe and was considered to be one of the strongest video-games visual identity designs ever. Composed of two mirroring figures, with one slightly higher than the other, the emblem has a ver-tical curved line in the center, which is going up.

The two shapes form a silhouette of a Lilly flower in the negative space. The Fleur de Lys is a symbolic flower for funeral and usually placed on a casket. The emblem was used on all the game covers and posters, it also can be seen in various scenes of the game.

Hitman logo

The new Hitman visual identity is a radically minimalist logotype, which is placed inside a black rectangular frame.

The Hitman wordmark in all capitals is executed in a strict and neat sans-serif type-face, which is one of the Helvetica family, looks close to Coolvetica with its simple confident lines and straight angles.

The monochrome color palette of the Hitman logo is a representation of power and professionalism. It shows the game as the one with quality graphics and interesting story and concept.