Hotpoint-Ariston Logo

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Hotpoint-Ariston Logo
Hotpoint-Ariston is an Italian brand of major home appliances manufacturer, which was founded in 1930 in Fabiano. The company was established under the name Merloni Elettrodomestici (after its founder’s name – Aristid Merloni) and was focused on production of industrial scales.

Meaning and history

Hotpoint-Ariston Logo history

The Hotpoint-Ariston logo is a combination of the two companies’ wordmarks – the Hotpoint logo on the top and the Ariston logo under the separation line.
The monochrome palette of the logo successfully unites two brands in one. White typeface and underline on a black background make the typefaces of the wordmarks look if not similar, then perfectly complementing each other.
The Hotpoint typeface is smoother and has more rounded lines, while the Ariston lettering is sharp and bold.
Logo Hotpoint-Ariston
The Hotpoint part of the logo also has a graphical icon — a rounded-corners white square with a black dot on it, symbolizing the brand’s famous products.