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Hobby Lobby is the name of an American retail chain of goods for different kinds of arts, which was established in 1972 in Oklahoma. Today the company operates across the United States, having almost one thousand locations, where more than 40 thousand people work. The revenue of the company is approximately 5 billion USD.

Meaning and history

Hobby Lobby Logo history

Since its foundation, Hobby Lobby has been using just wordmark for its official logo. Though the logotype has been redesigned two times and today we can see the most minimalist and strict version, though with the brightest color combination.

1972 – 1981

Hobby Lobby Logo 1972

The very first logotype was designed for the retailer in 1972 and was composed of a blue and orange main “HobbyLobby” inscription with a light and almost invisible “Creative Centers” tagline.

The upper level was executed in a bold sans-serif, with both parts of the wordmark in title case. The contours of the letters were smooth and rounded. As for the tagline — it was written in all capitals of a strict and simple font with no unique details.

1981 – 2015

Hobby Lobby Logo 1981

The redesign of 1981 changed the logo for the better. Now it was just a “Hobby Lobby” inscription in all-caps, where the lettering was executed in dark red and featured a double white and blue outline. The thick letters were placed very close to each other, touching the borders.

2015 – Today

Hobby Lobby

In 2015 the logotype was redesigned again. The Hobby Lobby emblem today is a bold red inscription in capital letters of a traditional extra bold sans-serif typeface. When placed in one line on a white background, the logo is sometimes complemented by a blue cursive “Super Savings. Super Selection!” Tagline. Another option of using the wordmark for the brand is placing it inside a red square, with the letters colored white. In this case, the nameplate is set in two levels.