Coldwell Banker Logo

Coldwell Banker LogoThanks to the careful choice of the colors and the font, the rectangular Coldwell Banker logo represents what the company stands for.

One of the oldest real estate franchises in America Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC has a wordmark-based logo. The only wordmark in it is the company’s name. As its numerous offices work in 49 countries and territories, it is a must for the company to have its clients remember the brand’s name.

Meaning and history

Coldwell Banker Logo history

The Coldwell Banker logo consists of a rectangular field and the wordmark “Coldwell Banker” on it. The wordmark is stacked on two lines. The typeface is custom-designed, which ensures recognition and retention in memory. It is soft to some extent and it speaks about dedication to customer service. There is also a small white square with the intersecting blue letters “C” and “B” to the right of the word “Banker”.

coldwell banker burnet logo

Besides the word “Banker”, there are some other features in the Coldwell Banker logo pointing to the fact that it is a financial emblem. First of all, it is the type of the logo itself. Wordmark logos are a popular choice as they work well in this business.

coldwell banker commercial logo

But the most evident feature is the color palette. Its choice was not accidental. Blue inspires maturity and seriousness, the qualities customers expect from such companies. So, the company makes use of this color to tell clients that they are a reliable and straightforward brand.

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