Hershey Bears Logo

Hershey Bears Logo
The earliest Hershey Bears logo was an anthropomorphic bear playing hockey. He was depicted in full equipment. Interestingly enough, this emblem was used for a very long time, until the 2000s. Although it went through a series of modifications, none of them altered the visual core.
Hershey Bears Logo history

It was only in 2001 that the team switched to a new emblem. This time, the bear looked overtly aggressive, with its sharp teeth and claws.

Current symbol

Hershey Bears symbol
The 2011/13 season brought about a new logo. This time, the bear is standing on its four paws, one of them on a hockey stick. Together with the inscription “Hershey Bears,” it’s placed inside a bold brown circle.


Colors Hershey Bears Logo
Soft cream color creates an eye-pleasing combination with two shades of brown.