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HBO Max is a subscription-based streaming service by HBO, a big American film network and movie producer. They launched in 2020, and all the current movies available there are shows and films, released at some point by this company. Besides that, there are also some movies they simply host there, like ‘Joker’.

Meaning and History

HBO Max Logo history

HBO Max was started in 2020 by HBO, which is currently owned by Warner Bros. The project was inspired by numerous success stories of other streaming services, like Netflix, Disney+ and more. They launched their own subscription movie networks, and they became extremely profitable.

What is HBO Max?

HBO Max is a streaming service, owned by Warner Bros. Like Netflix and Disney+, this service largely hosts movies and films, created by WB and HBO. The access is gained on a monthly subscription basis.

2019 – 2020

HBO Max Logo 2019

During the development, this was the service’s official logo. It shows the big word ‘MAX’, written in round, lowercase letters with a blue-to-red gradient. Above its left side, there was a small HBO logo, placed inside a thin blue frame, which created something like an icon in the corner of the logo.

2020 – today

HBO Max Logo

They revamped the logo for the official release. The HBO bit was now on the immediate left of the ‘MAX’ part. The latter also changed – the letters became narrower, and this particularly affected the letter ‘X’, which was overly wide before. The coloring also switched to just purple with lighting effects here and there.

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