HBO Logo

HBO Logo

The US television network Home Box Office has gone through two distinctive logotypes, which reflected the changes in the company’s status among its competitors.

Meaning and history HBO Logo

HBO Logo

The earliest HBO logo, which was used during its first five years of existence, was built around the full name of the company. The words “Home Box Office” were put inside a rectangular shape created by a stylized depiction of a lighted marque. Next to the word “Box”, there was a ticket stub.

The 1975 emblem HBO

HBO emblem

As soon as in 1975 a new version of the logo was developed by Bemis Balkind. It featured the abbreviation “HBO”, which emphasized that the network had already reached great popularity and did not need to use the full name to be identified. The letter “O” on the logo cut into the “B”.

Current symbol HBO

HBO symbol

As the result of the 1985 modification, the “B” and the “O”were turned into full letterforms, although they were still attached to each other. The “O” preserved the original black circle inside.

Font of the HBO Logo

Font HBO Logo

The HBO logo features a sans serif uppercase bold typeface looking like a highly customized version of the Avant Garde Gothic.

Color of the HBO Logo

Color HBO Logo

Throughout almost a half-century of its history, HBO has never altered its black-and-white color palette.

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