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Haribo is a German brand of candies manufacturer, which was established in 1920. The brand is known and loved worldwide for its gummy bears and other popular candy-products. The first gummies under the Haribo tag were introduced in 1922.

Meaning and history

Haribo Logo history

The name of the brand, Haribo, is an abbreviation of the company’s founder’s name and the city the brand was established in — Hans Riegel and Bonn.

The Haribo logo is bold and bright, it makes the brand’s products stand out on the shelve and has a playful and happy character.

The Haribo logo is composed of a three-dimensional wordmark placed on a white background, repeating the contour of the lettering. All capital letters of the inscription are executed in a bold rounded typeface, which is close to Helvetica Rounded Bold Condensed and VAG Rounded.

The main eye-catching thing about the Haribo logo is its color. Scarlet red is a symbol of passion and energy, as well as warmth and love. It is one of the most powerful colors and always catches attention. The use of the red color shows the main value of the brand – to make its customers happy.

1922 – 1979

Haribo Logo 1922
The original logo was a black name wordmark of the company. The style used here was a sort of geometric, bold sans-serif with only capital letters.

1979 – 2015

Haribo Logo 1979
In 1979, they took the same wordmark, colored the letters red and rounded all the edges. They also added some specks of white, making the characters look like balloons.

2015 – Today

Haribo logo
In 2015, the red wordmark took on a more 3D look: they made the specks into realistic lighting effects, turned the black outlines around the letters into something more like shading. Lastly, each was also outlined by thick white frames, which also had shading behind them.

Haribo emblem

Haribo emblem

Haribo also has a small and funny mascot, which is placed on every brand products’ package – the yellow Haribo bear with a red bow. This friendly icon in funny and cute and is a perfect way to make the brand’s kids’ audience smile.