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Tetra Pak is a multinational food packaging and processing brand offering packaging, filling machines, and processing of various products. It is part of Tetra Laval.

Meaning and history

Tetra Pak Logo history

The company has been very consistent in its visual brand identity.


Tetra Pak Logo-1956

The history of the brand started in 1951. The earliest Tetra Pak logo already featured the triangle that can be seen on the current logo, too. The triangle is a stylized representation of the product that made the company popular – the package offering improved quality. In fact, the original package was a tetrahedron, but a triangle was chosen as the simplest way to show this 3D figure using a 2D surface.

The triangle contained the lettering “Tetra Pak” in a minimalist sans serif type. The emblem could be found in more than one color, including a green and a blue version.

1992 – Today

Tetra Pak Logo

The current version is more cluttered. A stylized swoosh in white and red has been added to the triangle. The triangle is now solid blue. The name of the brand moved below. The emblem is encircled by the company’s slogan “Protects What’s Good.”

In addition to bright blue, red, and white, the Tetra Pak logo also features a soft and light shade of blue for the outer ring.