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As Hard Rock Cafe is part of a large family, including hotels and casinos, it partly shares its brand identity with the parent brand and its sister brands.

Meaning and history

The Hard Rock Cafe logo features optimistic yellow in combination with a brownish shade of orange and white.

The lettering “Hard Rock” features a custom type, which is both creative and legible. In the word “Hard” only the “H” looks unusual, due to the “unnecessary,” from the utilitarian point of view, stroke on the top. In the word “Rock,” the initial and the final letters have a unique touch. Due to the fact that the characters are capitalized, the design gets a dynamic feel.

Logo Hard Rock Cafe

Below the lettering “Hard Rock,” you can see the word “Café” in white. It features a simpler sans serif font made up of capital letters.

In the background, there is a circle with a border. Throughout the company’s history, the color of the border has varied from black and white to orange.

We should add that the parent logo is simpler. There is only the lettering “Hard Rock” in white over the white ring.

Hard Rock Cafe Logo

Old emblem

The creator of the original Hard Rock Cafe logo was Alan Aldridge, a British artist, graphic designer, and illustrator. His most notable design can be seen in books and on record covers by The Beatles and The Who.

The earliest Hard Rock Cafe emblem looked pretty much like the current one, although there were a couple of notable differences. The type was rougher, the word “Café” was larger and featured a more casual style. The circle in the background looked as if it was colored with watercolors – you could distinguish the strokes.