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Halo Top, an innovative ice cream brand, has reinvented the dessert realm with its lower-calorie, protein-rich offerings. Straddling the intersection of health-consciousness and indulgence, it’s famed for using natural ingredients while minimizing sugars. Predominantly penetrating the US market, Halo Top has gradually expanded its global footprint. Currently owned by Wells Enterprises, its continued ascent mirrors a rising demand for guilt-free indulgences. As it carves out its niche, Halo Top remains a favorite among those seeking a balanced treat.

Meaning and history

Halo Top Creamery, founded in 2011 by Justin Woolverton, began as a passion project. Woolverton, initially crafting ice cream in his home kitchen, sought a healthier treat to satisfy his sweet tooth. He collaborated with Doug Bouton, a former lawyer, to scale the brand. The duo faced a challenging journey, navigating financial struggles and stiff competition.

Their breakthrough came with a calculated risk in 2016: investing a significant portion of their budget into a captivating social media campaign. This decision propelled Halo Top into viral status. Their promise of full-flavor, low-calorie ice cream was well-received by a health-conscious audience, with sales skyrocketing.

In 2018, Halo Top became the best-selling pint of ice cream in the US, surpassing industry giants. Their lineup expanded from the original flavors to vegan and non-dairy options, broadening their consumer base.

However, success came with its trials. As the brand grew, so did skepticism regarding their ingredient choices and nutrition claims. Nevertheless, Halo Top’s commitment to transparency and customer feedback helped navigate these concerns.

The climax of their journey came in 2019, with Wells Enterprises acquiring the brand. This acquisition promised a fusion of Wells’ extensive industry knowledge with Halo Top’s innovative approach. Under Wells, Halo Top continues to shine, embodying a balance of indulgence and wellness in the ever-evolving ice cream market.


Halo Top Logo