Ferrero Rocher Logo

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Ferrero Rocher LogoFerrero Rocher Logo PNG

Ferrero Rocher is a brand of chocolates, created by Ferrero Group in 1982. Named after the rock, candies are spherical and have 4 different layers around a hazelnut.

Meaning and history

Ferrero Rocher Logo history

The Italian chocolatier Ferrero was established in 1946 but it was only in 1982 that it introduced its premium brand Ferrero Rocher.

The original Ferrero Rocher logo featured the name of the brand in brown inside a gold oval. The script looks the same as on the current packaging. It is a unique custom type with pronounced upward dynamics. One of its distinctive features contributing to the “upward” effect is the shape of the middle bars in the “F,” “E’s,” and “H.” The right ends of the “R’s” are also unusual – they look as if there is a magnet pulling them up.

The wordmark is given in the color of chocolate, brown.

Ferrero Rocher Logo

During the brand’s almost 40-year history, various elements have been added to this core, including the product and its parts in various forms (wrapped, unwrapped, etc.).

A later version of the Ferrero Rocher logo includes a heap of golden chocolates. Here, the gold ellipse has been transformed into two golden curves (above and below the wordmark). The one below resembles a smile. You can also see the tagline “The golden experience” in a cursive script inspired by handwriting.