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The dynamic and bold style of the GReddy logo stands for everything the company promises to its customers.

Meaning and history

GReddy is a subbrand of performance tuning parts and the turbochargers for cars. The brand is owned by TRUST Company LTD. As the company describes its mission, its products aim to “maximize the excitement and enjoyment you get from your vehicle.”

The typography showcased on the logo has a lot of implied motion. You can notice it in the way the letters are sloped and merge with each other, in the horizontal bar on the “R.” It looks as if a freshly painted wordmark was moved at high speed. The glyphs have a unique touch.

GReddy Logo

Versions of the emblem

Greddy emblem

You can come across quite a few versions (including old ones) where the wordmark looks slightly different. For instance, it has been often combined with stripes design.

Sometimes, there are three long vertical stripes stretching above and below the wordmark. In other cases, the stripes are shorter and only form the background for the letters without stretching far. In some versions, you can see three stripes below the design.

And there are also versions where the stripes are thinner and make a turn. First, they stretch below the wordmark, then go up and slightly to the right and come behind the letters “ddy.”

On the current GReddy logo as seen on the official website, the three stripes form a square, which serves as a favicon. The name of the brand can be seen to the right.