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Graeter’s, an iconic name in the ice cream realm, boasts a rich heritage spanning over a century. Hailing from the U.S., this brand is synonymous with handcrafted, French Pot-made ice creams. With a loyal following, its presence is prominent in domestic markets and upscale retailers. Beyond traditional flavors, Graeter’s frequently experiments, enthralling its audience. While it has seen growth, its core remains family-owned, with the Graeter family overseeing its operations. Their dedication to artisanal methods and quality ingredients keeps them at the pinnacle of the gourmet ice cream industry, continuing to enchant taste buds.

Meaning and history

Graeter’s Ice Cream stands as a testament to the resilience of a family business. Incepted in 1870 by Louis C. Graeter, it started humbly in Cincinnati. Louis peddled his ice cream using horse and wagon, touching hearts with his unique French Pot method. By the 1900s, his endeavors led to a few storefronts. However, adversity struck in 1919, when Louis met an untimely demise. It was his widow, Regina, who took the reins, ensuring the business didn’t falter.

The post-war era saw a further expansion. But it wasn’t just the number of stores that grew; the brand’s reputation for quality also blossomed. They maintained the handcrafted, 2-gallon batches, distinguishing them from industrial producers. This commitment to authenticity paid off. By the 1980s, Graeter’s had become a Cincinnati staple.

The 21st century brought nationwide acclaim. Thanks to collaborations with big chains and online shipping, Graeter’s flavors reached every U.S. state. Yet, the core never wavered. Now, led by the fourth-generation Graeters, the company still employs the French Pot method, using the finest ingredients.

Despite technological advancements, Graeter’s is one of the few remaining ice cream makers to hand-pack their products. This balance of tradition and innovation encapsulates their journey – from a horse-drawn cart to a nationally acclaimed brand, all while remaining a cherished family endeavor.


Graeter’s Logo

The logo presents an elongated elliptical shape, dominated by a rich burgundy hue. Centered prominently is the brand name “Graeter’s”, scripted in an elegant, creamy white cursive font, evoking thoughts of smooth ice cream. Accentuating the refined calligraphy, golden trims gracefully outline the lettering. Above the brand name, the word “SINCE” is inscribed in uppercase, serving as a prelude to the date “1870” below, both in a minimalist white font. The presence of this date reinforces the brand’s heritage and longevity. Completing the design, a thin golden border encapsulates the entire emblem, adding a touch of luxury. The composition blends tradition with sophistication, symbolizing the brand’s storied history and premium quality.