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Gordon Biersch is a renowned brewery and restaurant chain known for its handcrafted beer and made-from-scratch American food. Founded by Dan Gordon and Dean Biersch, the company has carved a niche in the craft beer industry. Gordon, a brewing engineer trained in Germany, brings authentic brewing techniques to the table, while Biersch’s expertise in hospitality shapes the customer experience. The duo’s collaboration led to a unique blend of culinary and brewing arts. Gordon Biersch operates in several locations across the United States, offering a distinctive experience that combines traditional German beer-making methods with contemporary American styles.

Meaning and history

In the late 1980s, Dan Gordon and Dean Biersch embarked on a journey to revolutionize the American brewing industry. Their venture, Gordon Biersch, was born out of a passion for authentic, high-quality beer and exceptional dining experiences. Over the years, the company has achieved significant milestones, including the introduction of rare German-style beers to the American market, which garnered critical acclaim and a loyal customer base.

The company’s expansion into multiple states and the opening of numerous brewery restaurants underscore its success. Gordon Biersch’s commitment to maintaining the integrity of traditional brewing methods while innovating with local flavors and ingredients has set it apart in a competitive industry.

Under current leadership, Gordon Biersch continues to thrive, adapting to the evolving tastes and preferences of beer enthusiasts while maintaining its core values of quality and authenticity. The brand’s sustained growth and adaptability in a dynamic market highlight its current strong position in the craft beer industry.

What is Gordon Biersch?
It’s a unique company that seamlessly blends traditional German brewing practices with modern American flair. The focus on quality, authenticity, and innovation in both brewing and dining experiences defines its essence.

The Logo

Gordon Biersch Logo
The traditional for many beer brands barley spike is the center of the logo. Yet it doesn’t look boring or old style – the lines are clean and the image is very modern. The logo itself is a circle emblem with letters G and B separated by the spike. The letters are bold and strict. What makes the Gordon Biersch logo contemporary is it’s color scheme. The bright contrast of deep yellow background and black symbols is very recognizable and very “beery”.