Gordon Biersch Logo

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Gordon Biersch is an American Brewery founded by Dan Gordon and Dean Biersch. The brand is famous for their brewery restaurants. The first one was opened in 1988 in Palo Alto, California.

Meaning and history

Gordon Biersch Logo
The philosophy of Gordon Biersch brand is authenticity and tradition, using only the finest ingredients. The Gordon Biersch logo is all about it.
The traditional for many beer brands barley spike is the center of the logo. Yet it doesn’t look boring or old style – the lines are clean and the image is very modern.
The logo itself is a circle emblem with letters G and B separated by the spike. The letters are bold and strict.
What makes the Gordon Biersch logo contemporary is it’s color scheme. The bright contrast of deep yellow background and black symbols is very recognizable and very “beery”.