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The name “GoPay” refers to two different companies. One of them is Indonesia’s fourth-biggest e-wallet service owned by Gojek. The other one is a payment gateway from the Czech Republic. In this article, we’ll discuss both companies.

Meaning and history

GoPay Logo history

GoPay is the name, which connects two completely independent companies from different regions. But both companies are engaged in the electronic money industry. The GoPay, founded in Czech, is an innovative e-money transfer service, which was introduced in the middle of the 2010s. The app, available for both iOS and Android operating systems, allows its users to make online transfers and receive money instantly.

As for the second GoPay, it was born in Indonesia and is a product of a large local company, Gojek. Gojek operates a huge multi-service online platform, and the GoPay functions were brilliantly integrated into the activities of the company.

What is GoPay?
GoPay is the name, given to two different companies, which are both connected to online payments. The Indonesian GoPay, owned by Gojek, is one of the largest electronic wallets in its region; and the European GoPay, designed in Czechia, is an electronic money transfer system.

Gopay (owned by Gojek)


The e-wallet service has been known among the country’s most proactive Fintech companies. It is behind some of the major lenders in Indonesia, including Bank Mandiri’s e-Money, Bank Central Asia’s Flazz, and telecom firm Telkomsel’s T-Cash.

2016 – 2019

GoPay Logo 2016

The old Gopay logo had the same structure as the parent’s company logo of the same era. The name of the brand was broken down into two parts by a stylized light blue wallet (in the case of the parent company, Gojek, that was a motorcyclist).
The letters used for the wordmark belonged to an all-caps sans serif type with softened corners. The rounded corners added a friendly touch and also echoed the shape of the wallet, which made the two parts of the logo seamlessly merge.

2019 – present

GoPay Logo

Similar to the parent company, Gopay adopted a different logotype, with a different structure and typeface.
This time, the emblem was moved to the left of the wordmark. While it still depicted a wallet, it now looked different. The wallet was redrawn and placed inside a blue circle. The blue pin resembled a keyhole.

GoPay (Czechia)

The history of the brand started in 2007, when online payments weren’t that popular. As of 2021, over 11 thousand online merchants accept payments through the GoPay gateway.


GoPay Logo Czechia

In 2018, the company updated its logo. Now, it combines the name of the brand with the “G” emblem. The wordmark is set in a minimalist sans. The italicized letters add a dynamic feel, which perfectly fits the imperative used in the name itself. The glyphs are dark blue.
The emblem showcases a large “G,” which is also italicized and belongs to a sans serif type. Next to the “G,” there is a blue triangle. It looks like a “play” button and supports the imperative theme started by the name of the brand and the italicized wordmark.
This logo seems to be crying “Press me” (in other words, “go pay”). So, this makes us think that the design does its job well.


The type used in both the versions of the GoPay logo is a sans serif one. Other than that, the fonts don’t seem to beat much in common.


Interestingly, both brands use blue as the main color of their logotypes. The Indonesian company adds black. The shades of blue are different.