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Giordano is an international brand of fashion designer and retailer, which was founded in 1981 and today operates in almost 40 countries across the globe. The label is focused on casual and everyday clothing and accessories distribution.

Meaning and history

Giordano logo

The Giordano logo is laconic and elegant and is composed of a wordmark in monochrome palette.

Its classic sans serif font is bold and stylish, with clear confident lines. There is enough space between the letters, and it makes logo more stable and balanced.

The first “G” of the wordmark is thick and strong, and catches attention. All the lettering is in all-caps, but “G” is enlarged and looks like an icon.

The black color of the lettering represents the brand as the one that values quality and stability. The Giordano logo is minimalist and modern, evokes a sense of power and trust in the brand.

This is an example of a universal logo, which can be used in all the daughter brands of the company, such as Giordano Junior and Giordano Ladies, remaining recognizable and strong.