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To understand the Ubuntu logo, it is essential to know what the name itself means. The Linux operating system received its name after the ethic or humanist philosophy of Ubuntu, which has its roots in South Africa.
Ubuntu Logo history
The bright and playful visual identity of Ubuntu was redesigned just once since the date of the software’s release in 2004. The refined and modernized emblem fully repeats the original ones showing the brand’s value of roots, traditions, and reflecting its ability to evolve and grow.

2004 – 2010

Ubuntu Logo 2004
The original Ubuntu logo was composed of a black rounded wordmark in the lowercase, placed in the right from a stylish abstract emblem, formed by a ring of three segments with three solid dots attached to them. The emblem was executed in yellow, red, and orange, celebrating the energy, dynamics, and progress. According to the company, the circular Ubuntu logo is a reflection of collaboration, reliability, and freedom.

2010 – 2022

Ubuntu Logo 2010
The redesign of 2010 reversed the colors of the Ubuntu logo, drawing its iconic emblem in white and placing it in a solid orange circle. The new emblem can be used on its own or accompanied by a black lowercase lettering in a stylish and modern sans-serif typeface, which looks better and more professional than the one from the previous version.

2022 – Today

Ubuntu logo
The company logo was given a fresh look. The designers preserved the font featured in the previous logo but made the strokes thinner and capitalized the first letter. The most noticeable change was the addition of a tall, orange, vertical rectangle that featured a familiar ring with circles at the bottom. The designers made an accent on the visual element of the logo, which would allow the company to use this element alone as it gains more recognition. In addition, such a logo does a much better job of catching one’s attention.

Symbol color versions

Logo UbuntuThe older Ubuntu symbol includes the four colors: red, orange, yellow, and white for the background. The current version is more minimalistic: the symbol itself if white, while the background is orange and represents a circle. Also, the color scheme may be reversed, when the orange emblem is placed in a white circle.


Ubuntu Font

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