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Gigaset is the name of the company involved in the production of communication equipment, such as cordless and corded telephones, and smart home systems. The company was established in 2008 in Germany, and today has its phones and systems available to buy all over the globe.

Meaning and history

For quite a long time the name Gigaset was connected to Siemens, as the first products of the brand were distributed under the Siemens Gigaset label. This was made for the German brand to enter the international market more quickly, as Siemens did not need any introduction, and has already been associated with appliances of high quality.

The Siemens Gigaset lineup included DECT standard cordless phones, the latest IP phones, and traditional fixed-line telephones. The company also produced broadband access devices and terminals for home multimedia systems.

Although, the license agreement between the two brands has finished and today Gigaset operates as a completely independent company, w which has its own branded line of products, and customers all over the globe.  Gigaset phones and systems are widely known for their high quality and convenience.

What is Gigaset?

Gigaset is a German multinational corporation, specialized in communications technology. It was established in 2008 and is now owned by Goldin Group and Hong Kong businessman and entrepreneur Pan Sutong.

In terms of visual identity, Gigaset is a very cool and modern company. The brand uses colorful lettering in a friendly and “young” typeface, which looks relaxed and easy, at the same time being quite professional and strong, due to the clean contours and straight cuts of the lines.

2008 – Today

Gigaset Logo

The Gigaset logo is a nameplate in a round-letter sans-serif font. The main element of the logo is its vivid and delightful color palette, which may change depending on the advertising needs and placement.

The bright orange color of the wordmark symbolizes energy and joy. The brand is focused on young consumers and adds playfulness and vitality to their visual identity, using orange color.

The wordmark on the logo is very laconic and simple but makes the brand stand out due to its happy and youthful palette. It reflects the ambitions of the brand and positive future planning.

As for the typeface of the logotype, it looks pretty similar to the Foundry Sterling Demi, but with two small details changed: the horizontal bars of the first and last letters in the inscription have their ends cut diagonally, which adds sharpness and motion to the badge.