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Grenade is the name of a sports nutrition producing brand, which was established in 2009. Today the company specializes not only in supplements and food manufacturing, but also design athletic clothing, which is very popular across the globe.

Meaning and history

Grenade Logo

The visual identity of the Grenade is brutal and powerful. Composed of a logotype with a masculine and tough graphical element in it, the brand’s logo evokes a sense of energy and strength.

The Grenade emblem is a three-dimensional black inscription with a metallic texture. All capital letters of the wordmark are executed in a bold stencil typeface, which is pretty similar to Arston Stencil Al font. The letter “A” of the logotype is replaced by an image of a grenade, representing the spirit of the company.

There is another color palette the brand uses for its visual identity — orange on black — it can be seen on the Grenade website and product packaging. This color combination reflects dynamics and eternal movement, brilliantly showing the purpose and philosophy of the brand.