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Gerber is an American brand of food-products for babies and kids. Established in 1927, today the label is a part of Nestle Group and is known and distributed all over the world.

Meaning and history

The Gerber visual identity was chosen by the company’s founder, Dan Gerber. He decided the brand needed to have a baby portrait as its emblem and conducted a competition between artists.

The Gerber baby-face logo was designed in 1928 and is still the same today. It is a reflection of the brand’s values, principles, and heritage. A truly iconic visual identity for iconic baby-food products.

The logo is composed of a light-lime rectangle with a blue wordmark and an emblem above it. The inscription is executed in a classic serif typeface, which shows the company’s roots and legacy, being delicate and timeless.

Gerber Logo

The Gerber circular emblem is drawn in a blue and white color palette. The portrait, created by Dorothy Hope Smith, is known as the “Gerber Baby” a looks lively and sweet.

The model for the famous logo is Ann Turner Cook, who became a famous American writer.

The lime-green and blue color palette of the Gerber logo looks kind and welcoming, evoking tender feelings and a sense of love and care.

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