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In addition to the wordmark logo, Georgia Tech has a distinctive athletic logo and the seal used in official situations.

Meaning and history

Georgia Tech Logo history

The Georgia Institute of Technology was established in 1885. Based in Atlanta, it belongs to the University System of Georgia. Currently, the Institute includes over 30 departments organized into six colleges.

1948 – ????

Georgia Tech Logo old

Here, the full name of the institute was featured: “Georgia Institute of Technology.” The lettering was placed to the right of the icon.

Apart from this, the old logo looked very similar to the current one. Like the current logo, it sported the golden Kessler Campanile and the same type. It’s still used on business cards, stationery, Institute signage, and for several other special applications.

???? – 2021

Georgia Tech Logo

While the pictorial part of the primary Georgia Tech logo resembles a crown, in fact, it’s a depiction of the Kessler Campanile, the legendary spiraling sculpture that has been the institute’s signature since it was constructed for the 1996 Olympic Games. To the left of the campanile icon, you can see the lettering “Georgia Tech” in bold gold letters.

Sometimes, the primary logo can be used with the tagline “Creating the Next.” In this case, the tagline is placed below in smaller letters in a different font.

The tagline wordmark can be used alone, too. In this situation, it is given in larger letters either in one or in two lines.

Institute Seal

Georgia Tech Seal

It’s the most formal of the institute’s marks and can be used only by several offices. The seal features a shield in navy with three columns inside. The banner “Progress and Service” can be seen below the columns. The shield is superimposed on a gold gear wheel encircled by the full name of the institute. Apart from the name, the outer ring houses the year when Georgia Tech was founded.


Georgia Tech Font

The simple sans used on the primary Georgia Tech logo is quite legible, though you may feel there’s not too much breathing space between the letters.

The athletic wordmark features a completely different type. Its unique edgy shape was inspired by the sting of Buzz, Georgia Tech’s mascot.


georgia tech yellow jackets logo

The two primary colors are white and gold, while navy is used as a secondary color. The white and gold were first mentioned as official colors in the Atlanta Constitution article from April 5, 1891.

The institute’s brand guidelines mention three shades of gold:

  • Tech Gold (PMS: 4515, HEX: #B3A369)
  • Tech Gold Metallic (PMS: 8383)
  • Buzz Gold (recommended for use as an accent color): PMS: 124, HEX: #EAAA00
  • Navy (PMS: 540, HEX: #003057).

What font is the Georgia Tech logo?
The heavy and confident title case lettering from the primary Georgia Tech logo is set in a classy traditional sans-serif font, which is very close to such famous types as Europa Grotesk Nr 2 SH ExtraBold and Neue Helvetica Std 85 Heavy.

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